This is the month we get to see all the Preview Trailers!

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This is the one you have been waiting all year for! Our annual preview of the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. The Festival runs from August 16th through 19th at the Carolina Theatre in Durham.

Click Here to See the special Film Festival Grid - showing ALL the films according to time slot. This visual aid helps a lot of folks.

The Festival has already released the descriptions of all the Feature Films and Short Programs and the line up is amazing. The Men's Programming Committee did a great job screening hundreds of entries this year, and the very best of them made it into the festival.

I took all that information and compiled it so each day's schedule is in its Time Slot and added some of the descriptive details. Since we can only see one film/program at a time, this will help us figure out when we can see our favorite films.

And, of course, it's on our website.... You will NOT need to log in to see it. Share it with everyone who might be interested.

View OUR Grid for the Film Festival Schedule

We are set to get together in the Activity Room at the LGBT Center of Raleigh on Friday, July 13th from 7:30 until 9:00 or so, bringing our goodies and finger food to share with new friends we will probably meet that night. Invite everyone you know who might be interested. We’ll have a chance to talk about everything that entertains us: books, movies, television, theatre, concerts, and more, but we will reserve plenty of time to see the Men’s and Everyone’s Feature Trailers.

Please call Jim at 919-235-7199 to let him know if you are coming or bringing additional friends. Or, instead of calling, you can let everyone know that you are coming and what refreshments you are bringing by clicking on the yellow box.

The location for the LGBT Center of Raleigh is at 324 South Harrington Street. Free parking in a limited number of spaces is available in the lot behind the building. If asked, please let the parking attendant know you are going to an event at the Center. Parking should be free! Please do NOT park in the Alley. Here is a Google map to the LGBT Center.

Look for these new releases at your favorite bookstore or on